“How to Build and Maintain Healthy Attachment in Childhood” my interview with

The Geekly Family from interviewed me in December. Their focus probably resonates with you like it does me: A Parenting Blog on Raising Smart, Healthy and Strong Kids. Since I’ve been describing myself for decades now as an attachment geek, I felt like I had finally arrived!

Our topic? How to Build and Maintain Healthy Attachment in Childhood

I loved Mrs. Geekly’s questions. Clearly real-life parenting queries from a real parent who talks vulnerably with other parents! We covered some of my favorite topics:

  • Proactive parenting is executive functioning at its finest!
  • In terms of attachment: what do the majority of the parents miss and what do the majority of the kids want or need?
  • Little kids have a LOT of frustration in their lives – little kids have little power (and big feelings)
  • What can be done instead of timeouts? Practical advice, step by step that could be tried by the majority of parents in the majority of the cases. (I gave her 8 practical approaches)
  • Many parents have untreated or even unrecognized mental blockers that have deep roots in THEIR childhood. These may be affecting him/her in adulthood as well as their kids and family. Can you tell about how prevalent such problems in adults are and what are the best ways to recognize and overcome them?

Read the full article here on Medium. And explore more of Geekly Family resources and articles here.




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