You make a difference in the lives of adopted families. I'd like to offer help.

The challenge as I see it...

Your community members are looking for support to navigate the unique challenges that adoption brings to families. Adoptive parents have so many questions that aren’t answered by mainstream parenting materials.
You need speakers who bring relevant, relatable material and offer powerful insights and practical tips to help adoptive families grow healthy and strong together

I can help you inform and inspire your community.

As an adoptive parent myself, I understand the questions and dilemmas adoptive parents have on a daily basis. As a trained community leader and parent coach, I’ve supported hundreds of families over the past 18 years.

Topics I speak on

Or, talks I can give

Existing talks which I could give

The Heart-Led Journey to Effective Adoptive Parenting

My 4 step process to help you grow your child to adulthood and navigate your adoptive parenting journey with confidence.

Or, we could discuss a specific topic or panel you’d like me to address.

Folks still completing their paperwork, waiting couples, post-placement families… over the years, I’ve presented a variety of topics at support groups and adoption agencies to meet various programming needs.

Just a few of the subjects I’ve spoken about:

  • considering the pros and cons of openness in adoption
  • preparing to build strong attachments in the first weeks and months after your new child arrives
  • dealing with critical extended family
  • growing a deep relationship with your kids – baby to teen
  • dealing with behavior issues – is it “normal” kid stuff or an adoption thing?
  • handling power struggles
  • talking about complex topics: adoption, birthparents, and transracial adoption

I'd love to talk about how I can help

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